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Once you hit the age of 30, you may find that you wish you looked 10 years younger. My name is Diane and this is my cosmetics blog. When I hit my 30s the partying I did in my youth started to catch up with me. I woke up one day and looked at myself in horror in the mirror. I looked old. I decided to take action immediately. I booked myself in with a beauty and cosmetics expert who worked on my face with some fantastic products which left me looking youthful and nice. I hope you find my blog helpful.


7 Anti-Aging Treatments to Consider for Your Hands

9 October 2017
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Your hands often show your age more than many other body parts. As a result, you may be interested in anti-aging treatments for your hand. Here are some options to consider. 1. Sunblock The sun contributes to aging, and to stop that process, you may want to apply sunblock to your hands. Ideally, you should start this anti-aging treatment long before you even see any signs of aging. This will help your skin to stay looking young. Read More …